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Keeping Victoria Neat and Tidy with Refuse Sam Garbage Removal

Keeping Victoria Neat and Tidy with Refuse Sam Garbage Removal

Garbage can become a problem, especially if you have lots of large, bulky items, which is why our family owned and operated business was founded in 1985. At Refuse Sam Garbage Removal in Victoria, we realize everyone has garbage, but not everyone has access to a safe and green way to dispose of it. We do the heavy lifting for you, whether it's a single item or truckloads of garbage, we remove all your rubbish. And we also have our trusty mascot, Lucy the dog, tagging along to ensure all jobs exceed expectations and are done in a timely fashion.

Environmentally Conscious Rubbish-Ridder

Our mandate is to dispose of garbage in an environmentally friendly way so as to preserve our community for decades to come. All your garbage shouldn't end up in a landfill so we sift through your debris to ensure recyclable material doesn't go to waste. We also compost biodegradable garbage to convert it into valuable fertilizer.

Your Neighbourhood Demolition-Doers and Construction Cleaner-Uppers

We perform jobs that other businesses won't. Our team loves to take on challenging demolition projects to get rid of small buildings and garages, where after we ensure a full cleanup of the area. Refuse Sam Garbage Removal even cleans up construction sites and performs debris removal. No job is too big or too small for us so give us a ring to come de-clutter your space.

Services for Estates

A well-organized estate cleanup can help make your life easier during this trying time. Our team can assist you with this task, always acting with the utmost care and respect for the memory of your loved one.

Meet Our Mascot, Lucy

If you see Lucy then you know the team from Refuse Sam Garbage Removal is close by doing a job-well-done. Our furry mascot and team leader loves to help out and ensure everything is running smoothly. If you're happy with our service then give Lucy a nice pat on the head

Promotions and Special Offers

  • Seniors' discounts
  • OAP rates


  • Environmentally friendly rubbish removal
  • Estate cleanup services

Reclaim Your Space

Prompt rubbish removal for homes and businesses.

Estate Cleanup

Stress-free item removal for estates in Victoria.

Get in Touch

Call or email us today for a no-pressure estimate.

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